Ben Sheppard

Managing Director

“Trust, but verify.” – Ronald Reagan


Ben Sheppard

Fun Facts

Favorite place in the world:

Florence, Italy

Favorite music/band/singer:

80s music

Favorite movie or book of all time:

Debt of Honor by Tom Clancy

One word that best describes me:


When I’m not working, you’ll catch me doing this:

Hiking or Golfing

    Tales from the Damages Expert: Is the Case Over After Liability Is Stipulated?

    Green Hasson Janks (GHJ) assists attorneys, including outside/inside counsel, business leaders and business owners, with a wide range of litigation support services. The firm provides financial insight and clarity during all stages of a business dispute, from pre-litigation services case development and discovery to expert witness testimony and conflict resolution. The below case study takes an in-depth look at recent work with a client going through litigation and highlights the need for […]

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      Changes Ahead in the Film Industry

      On July 26, 2018, Green Hasson Janks’ (GHJ’s) Motion Picture and Television Participations Services team hosted the second edition of its 2018-2019 Happy Hour series, with the goal of connecting Entertainment Industry professionals with one another in a casual setting. During this event, Ben Sheppard, GHJ principal, held a Q&A session with Tom Ara, partner at Greenberg Traurig, who has deep experience with the Chinese film industry as well as independent films. Tom also serves as the chief […]

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        The Role of Litigation in Today’s Entertainment Landscape

        excerpt from our 2017 Entertainment Whitepaper: The Evolution of Profit Participations / Navigating Disruption in the Motion Picture and Television Industry Jennifer Sullivan, Senior Marketing Manager at Green Hasson Janks sits down with Ben Sheppard to discuss the role of litigation in today's Entertainment Landscape. SULLIVAN: What does the term “expert witness” mean for the entertainment sector? SHEPPARD: The expert witness concept is about bringing actual industry experience and knowledge […]

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          How Businesses Can Recover From Hurricane Harvey

          As a Houston native, the recent tragedies brought on by Hurricane Harvey are very personal to me. While I think about the devastation my friends and family are going through in Southeast Texas, I am aware that an important part of the healing process is recovery. Once everyone is safe they will need to get back to work, if at all possible. Companies, as well as individuals, will move into the recovery phase. With all of this on my mind, it seemed like the right time to share critical […]

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