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    Discussing the Tax Reform Act with the Producer’s Guild of America

    “Simple” Tax Reforms We recently participated in a panel discussion for the Producers Guild of America on the 2017 Tax Reform Act (the Act), which went into effect in 2018, for most taxpayer changes. This seminar discussed the law, as we know it, and provides options to freelance employees on how to best keep their hard-earned dollars, especially for those in the entertainment sector. Our panel was moderated by Carrie Lynn Certa (VP, Chair of AP Council and independent producer) and also […]

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      Section 181 Film Production Tax Incentive

      In previous blog posts, we have written about federal and state tax incentives for the entertainment industry, including the Section 199 domestic production activities deduction (DPAD) and state film tax credits. Another significant federal tax incentive is the Section 181 treatment of certain qualified film, television and live theatrical productions, which will be discussed in this blog article. Since the mid-to-late 1990s, various participants in the U.S. film industry have become […]

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