David Sternberg


It always seems impossible until it’s done.

David Sternberg

Fun Facts

Favorite place in the world:


Favorite music/band/singer:

House and Country Music

Favorite movie or book of all time:


One word that best describes me:


When I’m not working, you’ll catch me doing this:

Playing tennis or fishing in the Pacific.

    Philosophies of a Working Dad

    There is traditionally a negative stigma about the demanding work environment of public accounting and consulting. If the perception is based on the long hours and deadlines, then I understand the associated disapproval. But if viewed through the lens of making a difference and helping clients succeed, then the culture, for me, is more about being more! Reflecting on the past Busy Season, I would like to share some philosophies that have gotten me through the season and will prepare me for the […]

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