Lizbeth Nevarez

Managing Director

I was drawn to the organization's culture. I am currently in my 11th year and thrilled to be part of the team.


Lizbeth Nevarez

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Puerto Escondido, Mexico

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When I’m not working, you’ll catch me doing this:

Spending time with my two sons.

    Nonprofit Conference Highlights

    I recently helped host Green Hasson Janks’ 2018 Nonprofit Conference: The Future of Nonprofit Innovation and Technology. As a board member of two nonprofit organizations, Hillsides and Executive Service Corps Los Angeles, the conference had very useful information that can be shared with my boards. Partnering with the Board The conference kicked off with our keynote speaker Justin Trout. Justin is the co-founder and COO of Health-Ade Kombucha. His session, “How to build a brand, a culture […]

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      2017 Tax Reform Act – Unrelated Business Income

      Originally printed in February 2018 issue of Los Angeles Business Journal The 2017 Tax Reform Act that was passed on December 22, 2017 has significant changes that impact tax exempt organizations. As trusted advisors serving more than 100 nonprofit clients, Green Hasson Janks has highlighted select provisions of the Act. Here is a summary of the changes: PROVISION: DISALLOWED FRINGE BENEFITS SUBJECT TO UNRELATED BUSINESS TAXABLE INCOME PRE-REFORM LAW Prior to 2018 tax exempt organizations […]

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        Tax Reform Impact on Nonprofits

        The proposed tax legislation will certainly have a significant impact on individuals and business entities. Some of the changes may also have some unintended consequences for exempt organizations, primarily 501(c)(3) organizations. Below are some highlights that were covered at the Western Conference on Tax Exempt Organizations that both public charities and private foundations should keep an eye on. Itemized Deductions for Individuals Proposed Bill The standard deduction will be increasing […]

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          What Tax-Exempt Organizations Should Know About Filing a Form 926

          Many tax-exempt organizations invest frequently in foreign alternative investments (e.g., hedge, private equity, real estate and venture capital funds). When investing into such funds, these tax-exempt organizations’ primary tax concern is generally to mitigate their risk of Unrelated Business Taxable Income (“UBTI”). Funds commonly avoid this UBTI issue for their tax-exempt organization investors by structuring funds so that the tax-exempt organizations invest through a non-U.S. entity that is […]

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            IRS Online Resources for Exempt Organizations

            It can be challenging for exempt organizations to keep track of all the requirements needed in order to maintain their tax exempt status. There are a vast number of topics that exempt organizations should be aware of such as annual filing requirements, unrelated business income, car donation reporting etc. Over my 9 years of experience in nonprofit tax practice, I have been posed with some of the same recurring questions from tax exempt organizations. The questions include: What are the required […]

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              Travel Ban Impact on Nonprofits

              There are several nonprofit organizations in the United States with missions aimed at assisting refugees. These nonprofits provide direct assistance, such as food and clothing, to individuals who are currently living in a foreign country, or help refugees that have recently arrived in the U.S. find housing and settle in the country. On February 2, 2017, President Donald Trump issued a revised executive order to protect the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the U.S. This order directly […]

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                Due Diligence During a Merger

                It is a rare feat when two nonprofit organizations are able to come together and join resources to increase the collective impact they have in the community. It is just as rare to have enough donor contributions that allow them to do so. The amount of time, work, and of course, due diligence, that goes into making something this amazing happen is astronomical. I was able to go through this experience as the Treasurer of Bienvenidos Children's Center (Bienvenidos). Bienvenidos provides foster […]

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                  Messaging and Storytelling for Impact Giving

                  At our recent 2015 Nonprofit Conference we decided to do things a little differently and scheduled two concurrent breakout sessions. I had the pleasure of attending the Messaging and Storytelling for Impact Giving workshop and introducing the presenter, Terrence McNally, a strategic communications consultant and a workshop leader for The Goodman Center, a nonprofit learning center “where do-gooders learn to do better.” Terrence graduated from Harvard and decided to go into the entertainment […]

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