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Our firms’ culture of team at every level is the best part of GHJ for me.


Polina Chapiro

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Freddie Mercury/Queen

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Master & Margarita by Bulgakov

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When I’m not working, you’ll catch me doing this:

Traveling and planning the next trip

    New Domestic Partnership Rules Under the Final GILTI Regulations

    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 enacted Section 951A of the Internal Revenue Code in order to prevent base erosion which requires a U.S. shareholder of any Controlled Foreign Corporation to include in gross income the Shareholder’s global intangible low-taxed income (GILTI). On June 21, the IRS and the Treasury Department published final regulations for the GILTI rules. In comparison to the proposed regulations published on October 10, 2018, the final regulations include changes which may […]

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      Travel Has Made Me a Better Accountant

      As an international tax expert, traveling to countries around the world gives me a perspective and sense of how other people live and do business. I’ve been to many countries in Europe (to some several times), as well as to Africa and China (including Hong Kong). Most recently, I went to Vietnam and Cambodia, and both countries were very different from the places I visited before. Vietnam has an impressive economy and business climate I wasn’t sure what to expect in the Socialist Republic of […]

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