Sherri Carstens

Senior Manager | Green Hasson Janks

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    Hollywood Deal-Making: Things to Know Prior to Signing Production Services Agreement

    Whether you are an investor or a member of a corporation, when you hire a production company to provide production services for a motion picture, original television project or original online content, there are several things to think about before and after signing that production services agreement. Make sure the agreement is specific The agreement should specify exactly what services (and to what standards) the production company is responsible for performing and should include the total […]

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      Studio Queue Survival Guide

      By Sherri Carstens, CFE (Senior Manager, Green Hasson Janks) and Ilan Haimoff (Partner, Green Hasson Janks) Let’s imagine the perfect world when it comes to a profit participation audit of a studio film or television series distribution statement: You (Producer) wake up on a Monday and decide it is time to audit. Within days, your attorney sends an audit notice to the studio, and by the end of the week, the audit firm is set to start the audit the following Monday, after confirming with their […]

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