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Stephanie Yan

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Jason Mraz

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Roman Holiday

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Spending time with my husband and two daughters.

    When Private Foundations Venture into Private Equity

    The cover story of a recent issue of Bloomberg Businessweek, “Everything is Private Equity Now,” caught my eye. I do see some truth in this seemingly exaggerated title. Over the last 10 years, I have witnessed most large private foundations I work with either venturing into private equity or gradually increasing their asset allocation to private equity. This article turned out to be a very informative read. It explains how private equity works, and it further explores its impact on the economy […]

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      Practical Answers on Implementing ASU 2016-14 by Private Foundations

      Following the 2 part blogs “How and Why are Private Foundation Financial Statements Changing Under ASU 2016-14?” by Amy Eybsen, I decided to share certain frequently asked questions from our private foundation clients during their implementation of the ASU. Investment Expenses Q: The ASU states that investment return shall be displayed as net of external and direct internal investment expenses. I understand the external expenses, which are basically what we pay to the investment consultants, […]

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        The Benefits of Program-Related Investments

        In our previous blog, No Strings Attached, we discussed the importance of unrestricted general operating support from grant makers. However, general operating support may not be the best – or only way – to assist every grantee organization. Instead of, or in addition to a grant, program-related investment (PRI) sometimes makes sense. If you haven’t ventured into program-related investments, you may ask, “What is it?” The IRS defines it as investments in which: The primary purpose is to […]

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