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Stephanie Yan

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Jason Mraz

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Roman Holiday

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Spending time with my husband and two daughters.

    Do Not Forget Internal Controls: Moving to Remote Working in the Wake of COVID-19

    The stay-at-home order amidst the COVID-19 pandemic unexpectedly launched the world’s largest remote-working experiment. Over the past weeks, we have seen organizations, including our clients and our own firm, spring into action to adapt to running either a partial or a completely remote operation. GHJ has been fielding questions in the process as our clients put new policies and procedures in place to minimize the disruption. We are delighted to see that internal controls remain top of mind […]

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      When Private Foundations Venture into Private Equity

      The cover story of a recent issue of Bloomberg Businessweek, “Everything is Private Equity Now,” caught my eye. I do see some truth in this seemingly exaggerated title. Over the last 10 years, I have witnessed most large private foundations I work with either venturing into private equity or gradually increasing their asset allocation to private equity. This article turned out to be a very informative read. It explains how private equity works, and it further explores its impact on the economy […]

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        Practical Answers on Implementing ASU 2016-14 by Private Foundations

        Following the 2 part blogs “How and Why are Private Foundation Financial Statements Changing Under ASU 2016-14?” by Amy Eybsen, I decided to share certain frequently asked questions from our private foundation clients during their implementation of the ASU. Investment Expenses Q: The ASU states that investment return shall be displayed as net of external and direct internal investment expenses. I understand the external expenses, which are basically what we pay to the investment consultants, […]

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          The Benefits of Program-Related Investments

          In our previous blog, No Strings Attached, we discussed the importance of unrestricted general operating support from grant makers. However, general operating support may not be the best – or only way – to assist every grantee organization. Instead of, or in addition to a grant, program-related investment (PRI) sometimes makes sense. If you haven’t ventured into program-related investments, you may ask, “What is it?” The IRS defines it as investments in which: The primary purpose is to […]

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