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    An International Look at Hollywood Deal Making

    Green Hasson Janks recently hosted the 2019 HLB Asia Pacific Conference in Los Angeles, marking the first time the conference was hosted in the U.S. HLB is a worldwide network of independent accounting firms and business advisers, with member firms in 150 countries, 25,000 staff including partners in 700 offices worldwide. This year’s conference gathered approximately 100 delegates from HLB member firms that do business across the Asia Pacific region and featured high-profile speakers […]

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      Is It Time To Audit Your Merchandising Licensees?

      Intellectual property owners are entitled to financial compensation in exchange for granting rights to licensees. As licensing deals grow, it is important to develop monitoring or audit programs to hold licensees accountable. What is merchandise licensing? Licensing exists in almost every product category that you see in retail stores. The intellectual property (IP) / Copyright owners and/or distributors (e.g., studios, creators, or brand owners, collectively “IP Owner” or “Licensors”) license […]

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        What Makes A Film Successful in China?

        Hollywood filmmakers are continually searching for ways to promote their films to an international audience. A big focus is on China, the world’s second largest theatrical market. However, the Chinese film market seems to be particularly challenging to understand. One of the latest examples is Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which made only $42 million dollars in China box office, in sharp contrast to its worldwide box office of $1.3 billion dollars. We have also seen other cases, such as Warcraft and […]

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          History of China Import Film Quota and Revenue-Sharing Remittance

          China has become the second largest theatrical market since 2012, but when it comes to distributing foreign films in China, Hollywood has not been able to enjoy much of China’s box office success. This lack of success is due to various market-access restrictions, such as the strict quota system and the low revenue-sharing remittance rate. Foreign-produced films are imported into China for theatrical release on either a revenue-sharing basis or a flat-fee basis. As we can see from the chart […]

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            Chinese Investment in Hollywood

            2015 was a record year for Chinese investments in Hollywood. They have grown rapidly over the past couple of years, and with significant deals such as TIK Films’ 3-year slated deal with Lionsgate, Bona Film Group’s 6-picture deal with 20th Century Fox and Huayi Brothers’ 18-picture deal with STX Entertainment, the Chinese investment market is set to soar to yet another high in 2016. This is in no small part due to the aggregate of $4.7 billion in deals announced in the first half of 2016 (Dalian […]

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              Q&A with Video Game Attorney Patrick Sweeney

              INTERVIEW WITH: Patrick Sweeney, Esq., (guest blogger from IE Law Group) Patrick Sweeney is one of the leading attorneys in the video game industry, having served both as in-house and external counsel to a variety of companies in his career. In the Q&A below, Patrick shares with our readers his thoughts on current game industry trends and their implications. He also sheds light on some of the most common issues faced by game developers. Q (Tracy Liang): You used to work at Paramount and […]

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