Yan Jiang

Senior Manager

#BeMore with Green Hasson Janks


    One secret most accountants don’t know: they are also “photographers”

    Sunrise at Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Death Valley National Park – by Yan Jiang April 2018 I am fortunate to work with a Firm that encourages you to purse your passions. Green Hasson Janks believes that when we allow ourselves to devote time and #BeMore to our personal passions, we in turn can better serve our clients. When I put time into my passion of photography, I feel better equipped to serve my clients and ultimately a better accountant because of it. While pursing my passion for […]

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      A Tax Sandwich – Not Tasty At All

      When a foreign investor becomes a U.S. tax resident, one easily overlooked U.S. tax issue is that such residence change may result in an adverse U.S. tax structure, sometimes referred to as a “Sandwich Structure.” What is a Sandwich Structure? Let’s use an example to explain what a Sandwich Structure is. A Chinese tax resident, Mr. Wang, owns a manufacturing company in mainland China that produces computer accessories. To increase the global sales, Mr. Wang travelled a few times to the […]

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