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May 2016

California Craft Brewer’s Association Conference

By | May 17, 2016|Categories: CPA Food Bites|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

By Alexander Brown (Senior Associate, Green Hasson Janks) The California Craft Brewer’s Association Conference (CCBA) is a chance for brewers and industry professionals from all over the state to attend workshops and seminars focused on the craft beer industry. This year’s conference was located at the Weston Hotel in beautiful downtown Long Beach, and I [...]

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Charity Navigator

By | May 5, 2016|Categories: Nonprofit|

By: Diane Hernandez (Associate, Green Hasson Janks) The record-setting stock market performance and increase in housing prices has enabled the United States economy to grow largely in recent years. This underlying trend, and an increase in a much larger diverse and intellectual population, has given rise to the financial health of philanthropists. Charity Navigator is [...]

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Vegetarian and Vegan Trends at Natural Products Expo West

By | May 4, 2016|Categories: CPA Food Bites|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

By Rick Weis (Manager, Green Hasson Janks) and Elad Menna (Associate, Green Hasson Janks) It has been just over a month since the Natural Products Expo West, which has given us time to reflect and, more importantly, to recover. If you have never been to the expo, we highly recommend it. With more than 3,000 [...]

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Entertainment: Driven by Constant Innovation

By | May 3, 2016|Categories: Media Clips|Tags: , , , , , |

By Ilan Haimoff (Partner, Green Hasson Janks), CalCPA Conference Co-Chair Ten years ago, no one would have thought we’d be looking at an industry where streaming video is poised to become the dominant distribution channel for television and video; multi-channel networks drive a huge percentage of content creation, people use their cell phones to consume [...]

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April 2016

Three Great Tax Opportunities for Food and Beverage Companies

By | April 7, 2016|Categories: CPA Food Bites, Taxing Thoughts|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , |

By: Akash Sehgal (Director, Green Hasson Janks) Many food and beverage companies are overlooking potential tax savings, thinking that their activities do not qualify for these opportunities. Based on our experience working with clients in this industry, Green Hasson Janks has identified a number of potential strategies you should consider. We have kept the information [...]

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March 2016

Crash Course in Profit Participation Tolling

By | March 29, 2016|Categories: Media Clips|Tags: , , , , , |

By Ilan Haimoff (Partner, Green Hasson Janks) and Michael Sippel (Senior Manager, Green Hasson Janks) Profit participation agreements generally include incontestability language, which only allows the profit participant to audit statements issued up to two or possibly three years prior to the date of the audit notification. On one hand, the rationale for this restriction [...]

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The IRS’s International Focus

By | March 25, 2016|Categories: Taxing Thoughts|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |

By Jason Booth (Principal, Green Hasson Janks) For years now an ongoing debate has taken place on Capitol Hill about U.S. international tax policy reform.[1] Amongst many others, arguments have been made regarding lowering the U.S. corporate statutory tax rate (in 2015, it was the higher than any other Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development [...]

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Profit Participation Nostalgia…

By | March 10, 2016|Categories: Media Clips|Tags: , , , , , , |

By Ilan Haimoff (Partner, Green Hasson Janks) I recently came across a great paper written by Mark Weinstein in January 1998 in the University of Chicago Journal of Legal Studies, entitled “Profit-Sharing Contracts in Hollywood: Evolution and Analysis.” If you are in the profit participation business, this is a must read! What caught my eye [...]

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What Is Natural Food?

By | March 10, 2016|Categories: CPA Food Bites|Tags: , , , , , |

By Rick Weis (Manager, Green Hasson Janks) You hear people talking more and more about how they are trying to eat healthy, whether it’s low fat, low carb, low calorie, non-GMO or organic, but what d oes it means when “all natural” is on the label? Merriam-Webster defines “natural” as existing in nature and not [...]

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Visiting Trends and Friends at the Winter Fancy Food Show

By | March 3, 2016|Categories: CPA Food Bites|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

By: Don Snyder (Partner, Green Hasson Janks) As we are getting ready to embark on the Natural Products Expo West Show – the largest natural and organic tradeshow in the world – in Anaheim on March 9, 2016, I still am thinking about the companies I visited and the trends I saw at the Winter [...]

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