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August 2017

Loan-Out Company: Can I Benefit From This?

By | August 10, 2017|Categories: Media Clips|

A loan-out company is a business entity in which an individual is the sole owner as well as the employee who furnishes their personal services to outside production companies. It is very common for performers and high income earners in the entertainment industry to form a loan-out corporation or a limited liability company in order [...]

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July 2017

VIRTUAL REALITY: A New Age of Entertainment

By | July 13, 2017|Categories: Media Clips|

As the entertainment industry is constantly evolving, the latest hot emerging markets involve virtual reality. While major motion picture studios previously dabbled with 3D exhibition of feature films, Hollywood is now on a mission to fully immerse the audience into the realm of virtual reality (“VR”). The goal of VR is to transform traditional viewing [...]

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June 2017

Podcast: State of the Entertainment and Media Industry

By | June 29, 2017|Categories: Media Clips|

Click here to listen to our latest Media Clips podcast discussing the State of the Entertainment and Media Industry.  Led by GHJ Partner Ilan Haimoff with guest Jeff Cole, Director of the Center for the Digital Future at USC Annenberg School of Communication, this podcast explores the potential game changers for the Film and Television Industry and [...]

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Keeping an Eye on New Media Reporting?

By | June 20, 2017|Categories: Media Clips|

The presence of new media is now more pervasive than ever.  There are literally hundreds of companies that offer “Video-On-Demand” (VOD), “Electronic Sell-Through” (EST) and internet/ad supported streaming (ADSS) services, such as: Apple, In Demand, Amazon, Verizon, ATT, Microsoft, Comcast, DirecTV, Sony, Vudu, Google, Hulu, as well as foreign licensees, such as FilmFlex, Telecine, Sky, [...]

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Crash Course in Vertical Integration and Fin-Syn

By | June 15, 2017|Categories: Media Clips|

By Ilan Haimoff (Partner, Green Hasson Janks) and David Simon (Media Executive, Simon Bros) One of the advantages for a media conglomerate is its ability to leverage synergy between different businesses in their portfolio, resulting in efficiencies, which yield value to the shareholders and consumers.  In the case of television, there is a natural case for [...]

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Protect Your Entertainment Business from the Rising Risk of Fraud

By | June 1, 2017|Categories: Media Clips|

Part two of our two-part series on fraud tackles why establishing an anti-fraud program is so critical for entertainment businesses. Whether your company is an agency, business management firm, law firm, production company, distribution company or other service company, one key question to ask yourself is whether you have any kind of an anti-fraud program.  [...]

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May 2017

Keeping the Risk of Fraud to a Minimum

By | May 25, 2017|Categories: Media Clips|

The recent Hollywood Reporter column “Sorry, I Stole from my Clients,” by a former partner of a business management firm convicted of embezzling over $7 million from his clients, should serve as a wake-up call to entertainment industry professionals on the mounting risk of fraud. I reflect back to previous life as a Chief Audit [...]

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Raising the Red Flags: When You May Need a Profit Participation Audit

By | May 18, 2017|Categories: Media Clips|

Co-authors: Ilan Haimoff and Peter Klass Whether you are an individual, company stakeholder or the beneficiary of a trust or estate with profit participation rights to movies and television shows, you may be at risk for underpayment or delayed payment of your participation profits by a studio or other distribution company. At a minimum, we recommend that [...]

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April 2017

History of China Import Film Quota and Revenue-Sharing Remittance

By | April 20, 2017|Categories: Media Clips|

China has become the second largest theatrical market since 2012, but when it comes to distributing foreign films in China, Hollywood has not been able to enjoy much of China’s box office success. This lack of success is due to various market-access restrictions, such as the strict quota system and the low revenue-sharing remittance rate. [...]

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