During our August nonprofit workshop, our nonprofit team shared the latest in accounting and tax updates, as well as insights from AICPA’s recently revised Audit & Accounting Guide for Not-for-Profit Entities. We posed various questions during our workshop and over the next few blog postings, we will share the answers to those questions.

Q. What happens to a permanent endowment if the donor stipulates that the gift principal is to be held in a particular investment security?

A. The gains and losses on the invested endowment funds are subject to the same permanent restriction unless the donor specifies otherwise. The permanent endowment will therefore move up and down depending on market conditions.

Q. Can permanent restrictions be changed?

A. Check out our next ‘Exploring the World of Contributions ’ blog posting for the answer…

Donella Wilson

Donella Wilson

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Donella Wilson, CPA, leads the Firm’s Nonprofit Practice and has more than 20 years of public accounting experience providing audit, accounting and special project services and works exclusively in the nonprofit sector. A leader in both the nonprofit and accounting communities, Donella was…Learn More