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September 2016

Netflix: A Global Brand

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By: Isabel Gento (Contract Compliance and Forensics Associate, Green Hasson Janks) and Kyle Kazanjian-Amory (Contract Compliance and Forensics Associate, Green Hasson Janks) Preliminary research done by: Devin Tang (Intern, Green Hasson Janks)   Does anyone remember rewinding their VHS player to re-watch The Wizard of Oz for a third time? Maybe you were lucky enough to have one [...]

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February 2016

Brave New Media World: The Various Forms of New Media, Studio Reporting and Potential Concerns

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By Michael Sippel (Senior Manager, Contract Compliance and Forensics, Green Hasson Janks) EST, VOD, SVOD, FVOD, and ADSS… What do they mean, and why do we care? The ascent of new media markets – with the simultaneous decline of the hard goods home video industry – is evidence of a diversifying brave new media world. [...]

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December 2015

The Shake Up of New Media: A Seismic Shift in Content Consumption

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By Peter Klass (Senior Manager, Green Hasson Janks) On Nov. 12, Green Hasson Janks held its annual Entertainment and Media Forum. As part of the event, I had the privilege of leading a panel discussion entitled “The Shake Up of New Media: A Seismic Shift in Content Consumption.” Panelists included: Lindsay Conner, a Partner at [...]

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November 2015

The State of the MCN Industry

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By Dan Landes (Manager, Green Hasson Janks) Now that alternative platforms to YouTube are taking hold, the Multi-Channel Network (MCN) arena is changing swiftly. Influencers are now reaching millions through their videos and content on various video platforms. With increasing notoriety, many have their own product lines, bestselling books and movie and television cameos. Due [...]

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The Evolution of Multi-Channel Networks Into Multi-Platform Networks

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By Amy Eybsen (Senior II, Green Hasson Janks) Many Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs) are looking to expand their horizons beyond the YouTube platform. In fact, the term “MCN” is beginning to seem limiting to some, since “MCN” implies that YouTube is its content’s sole platform. Younger viewers dominate the MCN world, and they appear to have [...]

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September 2015

To create content….or to distribute content….that IS the question!

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By Dan Landes (Manager at Green Hasson Janks) In January 1996, Bill Gates coined the term “Content is King.” His essay on this topic started by saying, “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet” and went on to say, “One of the exciting things about the [...]

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July 2015

Maximizing Section 199 Deductions for Entertainment Companies

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By Daniel Rowe (Principal at Green Hasson Janks) Over the past 10 years it has been well publicized that state tax incentives have been increasingly beneficial and lucrative for entertainment companies, often in the form of state film credits. We recently wrote about California’s credit changes in their attempt to remain competitive in attracting and [...]

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June 2015

How are media companies adapting to consumers canceling cable subscriptions?

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By: Peter Klass (Contract Compliance and Forensics manager at Green Hasson Janks) One of the key findings identified in our 2014 Entertainment and Media whitepaper was the prediction of accelerated cord cutting on the part of the consumer and thus the beginnings of a-la-carte channel offerings (aka over-the-top streaming) bypassing cable subscription. Less than a [...]

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April 2015

What is a “Virtual Print Fee”?

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By: Jonathan Blinderman (guest blogger from Glaser Weil) Many profit participants have been noticing a new expense charged against films that receives theatrical releases: a “Virtual Print Fee” or “VPF,” leaving the participant confused as to what the charge is for. The following provides an explanation. With the development of commercial-grade digital projectors, theater owners [...]

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