On Tuesday, February 18, we will kick off the first of our quarterly nonprofit workshop series for 2014 with " The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: The Path to a High-Performing Board," which will include a panel discussion on best Board practices.

Why is an effective Board so critical? Well, in the words of a major philanthropic funder in Southern California, Weingart Foundation, "a strong, engaged and knowledgeable board is a critical factor in a nonprofit organization’s ability to be effective, self-sustaining and achieve impact."

Effective Boards:

  • have a clear understanding of how they can contribute to the success of the organization
  • function in constructive partnership with their chief executive and management
  • solicit funds for, and make personally meaningful financial contributions to the organization
  • understand the organization’s financial position and regularly review financial reports
  • have a committee structure to meet the needs of the organization (e.g. – audit, executive)
  • evaluate the chief executive officer’s performance on an annual basis
  • meet frequently, with strong attendance
  • are committed to continually improving their performance

For a lively discussion on Board best practices and challenges, join us on Tuesday, February 18.

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Donella Wilson

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