Last April, I blogged about the value of volunteers from a financial statement standpoint, and there is no doubt that volunteer engagement is crucial to most nonprofit organizations. Volunteers increase capacity, are cost effective and extend a nonprofit’s reach by getting the word out, engaging their networks and becoming advocates. And of course volunteers are more likely to become donors.

As many of you readers know, I serve on the Board of the Downtown Women’s Center, which is a nonprofit that has deeply integrated service into its work and infrastructure, enabling it to reduce its budget and scale its work in new ways. I learned recently from our Chief Operating Officer about the following volunteer trends and challenges that I thought I’d share with you:

  • Talent Matching: 3 out of 10 volunteers can’t find the right nonprofit to match their cause or needs
  • Skills-Based Projects: 44% say if an organization cannot take advantage of their specific skills, they will volunteer elsewhere rather than do menial work
  • Impact Measurements: 33% agree they want to see immediate results when they volunteer
  • Group Opportunities: Millennials often prefer to volunteer in groups with people with whom they already have a connection through their social network
  • Flexible Options: 50% cited lack of time as the reason they do not volunteer

Food for thought as you engage your volunteers in 2014.

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