Francesco Catullo (Loyola Marymount University)

 My overall experience interning at Green Hasson Janks was nothing short of extraordinary. It was a pleasure coming into work every morning and being in an environment that truly encourages and supports personal and professional growth. The opportunity of experiencing both tax and audit work as an intern is unique to Green Hasson Janks, and it helped tremendously in my decision making process regarding which career path best fits my personality and goals. In addition, it was a first-class experience that allowed me to meet and speak with professionals in various industries.

The firm not only stands by its core values but demonstrates them each and every day, creating a culture that emphasizes the importance of collaboration. At the end of the day, Green Hasson Janks is much more than just an accounting firm; there are countless opportunities to get involved, and everyone is extremely close knit. Everyone at the firm was welcoming and quick to give me guidance in my efforts. I also received timely feedback on my work that helped me learn more quickly and improve both my technical and soft skills.