Maria Gonzalez (California State University, Northridge)

During the internship program at Green Hasson Janks the summer of 2014, I was exposed to both the tax and audit department. The opportunity to explore work in both fields is one of the many elements that I feel makes Green Hasson Janks unique. I worked on assignments for various clients on both the for-profit and non-profit sector. During the tax rotation, I assisted in different types of returns for tax clients, whether it was high net worth individuals, LLCs or partnerships. In the audit rotation, I did testing on cash, accounts payable, grants, 401k’s and much more. I immersed myself in the work as it was highly interesting for me and always had a desire to learn more. This experience gave me insight of the type of work I encountered during my first year as a full-time associate.

The professionals I met from Green Hasson Janks during the recruiting process at CSUN were a true reflection of the Firm’s culture and what to expect going into the internship. The people we worked with took their time to guide us and ensured we learned as much as possible. I enjoyed working with them. Everyone at GHJ was very approachable and encouraged us to ask questions and share our ideas with the team. It is very apparent that even as interns, we were one as a firm, and they wanted us to grow as great and successful people.

Another thing I enjoyed during the internship was making friends with the other interns! Although we are from different schools and backgrounds, we supported each other and I can now call them friends.