Our Internship Program is during the summer. Interns are considered “client service staff” and as such, perform many of the same roles and responsibilities as our first-year staff. We provide college students with a rewarding and challenging internship through direct experience and training that will be beneficial for both the intern and Green Hasson Janks. Check out some highlights from our previous summer interns below. To find out more about our internships, please email humanresources@greenhassonjanks.com.

Maria Gonzalez (California State University, Northridge)

During the internship program here at Green Hasson Janks this summer, I was exposed to both the tax and audit department. The opportunity to explore work in both fields is one of the many elements that I feel makes Green Hasson Janks unique. I worked on assignments for various clients on both the for-profit and non-profit sector.  During the tax rotation, I assisted in different types of returns for tax clients, whether it was high net worth individuals, LLCs or partnerships.  In the audit rotation, I did testing on cash, accounts payable, grants, 401k’s and much more.  I immersed myself in the work as it was highly interesting for me and always had a desire to learn more.  This experience gave me insight of the type of work I would be doing during my first year as a full-time associate.

The professionals I met from Green Hasson Janks during the recruiting process at CSUN were a true reflection of the firm’s culture and what to expect going into the internship.  The people we worked with took their time to guide us and ensured we learned as much as possible. – I enjoyed working with them.  Everyone at the firm was very approachable, and encouraged us to ask questions and share our ideas with the team.  It is very apparent that even as interns, we were one as a firm and they wanted us to grow as great and successful people.

Another thing I enjoyed during the internship was making friends with the other interns! Although we are from different schools and backgrounds, we supported each other and I can now call them friends.  I definitely look forward to seeing them soon and working with them as full-time associates!

Francesco Catullo (Loyola Marymount University)

My overall experience interning at Green Hasson Janks has been nothing short of extraordinary. It was a pleasure coming into work every morning and being in an environment that truly encourages and supports personal and professional growth. The opportunity of experiencing both tax and audit work as an intern is unique to Green Hasson Janks, and it helped tremendously in my decision making process regarding which career path best fits my personality and goals. In addition, it was a first-class experience that allowed me to meet and speak with professionals in various industries.

The firm not only stands by its core values, but demonstrates them each and every day, creating a culture that emphasizes the importance of collaboration. At the end of the day, Green Hasson Janks is much more than just a firm; there are countless opportunities to get involved, and everyone is extremely close knit. Everyone at the firm was welcoming and quick to give me guidance in my efforts. I also received timely feedback on my work that helped me learn more quickly and improve both my technical and soft skills.

I would absolutely recommend taking the opportunity to intern at Green Hasson Janks. From my experience, it is a top-notch firm that strives to be the very best and genuinely cares about its people.

Emily Neai-Proeung (University of California, Los Angeles)

What drew me to Green Hasson Janks was their duel internship and specialization with nonprofits. I was able to directly work with clients, collaborate with professional staff and participate in work events to really be immersed in the firm’s work culture. Everyone was very genuine and was always open to offer a helping hand when needed. During my time as an intern, I gained valuable hands on experience in both audit and tax.

My audit rotation allowed me to be immersed in the internal business structure of the client while in my tax rotation, I learned about how tax regulations and laws affect different clients. In my audit, rotation I was able to travel to the client’s office and collaborate with the audit team to complete preliminary fieldwork. I was involved in many A-133 Audits, performing tests of transactions, compliance and controls, as well as interacting directly with the client. In my tax rotation, I was able to start and complete tax returns for various LLCs of different industries. I was also able to further develop soft skills in communication, and analytical skills that will help me in any profession.

Overall, I believe that my internship at Green Hasson Janks has given me an incomparable opportunity to gain insight on the inner and outer workings of business entity, while working in a fast paced and learn by doing environment. Green Hasson Janks deeply invests in both the career and personal development of its employees. I definitely recommend this internship to anyone looking for a positive atmosphere and hands on experience in audit and tax.

Mingyan Chen (California State University, Northridge)

My summer 2014 internship at Green Hasson Janks (GHJ) was exceptional in comparison to other firms because it provided me the opportunity to work on both tax and audit. Throughout the internship, I was able to find out which field I am really passionate about and which field better fits me.

During the internship, I had the opportunity to be involved in a variety of assignments including working with for-profit and not-for-profit clients in both audit and tax. In the tax field, I learned many new tax regulations, what areas need attention in the process of preparing tax returns, and how to efficiently perform tax research. I was able to see the tax returns process in detail from beginning to end, which gave me a complete picture of the whole tax preparation procedures. For audit, I have learned how to perform the text of transactions, inventory counts, rolled forward audit programs, and more.

I like the internship at GHJ not just because I was able to enhance my accounting skills and get hands-on experience, but most importantly the people at GHJ. GHJ promotes a very approachable and friendly culture. Everyone works collaboratively and cares about each other, which provides a positive and supportive working environment. Being part of GHJ is not just about working here, but enjoying the time here!

As a result, I would strongly recommend GHJ’s internship to students in the accounting field. Before this internship, I was told that I would love working there. Two months later, I am truly convinced.