Green Hasson Janks Entertainment Partner Steven Sills and Principal Anita Wu are set to speak at the upcoming Beverly Hills Bar Association panel on "Backend Optics: Profit Participations Through Different Lenses". The evolving entertainment landscape is changing the way studios and distributors compensate talent and investors. Mega-disruptors like Amazon and Netflix are affecting everything from negotiating contracts to the predictability of the distribution cycles of traditional media. The panel will provide the perspectives of a negotiator, auditor and litigator, and offer tips on ways for attorneys to negotiate the deals and navigate their way through the ever-changing surroundings. Click here to register.

Craig Wagner - Executive Vice President, Business and Legal Affairs at Paradigm Talent Agency
Douglas L. Johnson - Partner at Johnson & Johnson
Steven Sills - Partner at Green Hasson Janks
Moderator: Anita Wu - Principal at Green Hasson Janks