Green Hasson Janks’ 2019 ad campaign kicks off in the Feb. 11, 2019 issue of Los Angeles Business Journal. GHJ’s Tom Barry, Polina Chapiro, Anant Patel, Anita Wu, Akash Sehgal and Donella Wilson illustrate how working at GHJ allows them to #BeMore than just accountants in our new “That’s How We Roll” ad campaign.

Family, friends, and personal passions all make us who we are. The work we do at GHJ is an extension of that. Having a rich, full, balanced life allows us to bring our best to our clients. Green Hasson Janks is made up of people who are athletes, parents, artists, yogis, travel-enthusiasts, community volunteers and more! We believe this makes us a firm that can #BeMore. And that is the firm we want to be.