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Donald Snyder

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The Talking Heads and David Byrne, of course

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Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry

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Nice guy

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Swimming at 5:30 in the morning, traveling the world with my wife on bicycle vacations.

    How COVID-19 is Affecting the U.S. Food Supply Chain

    Over the past several months, as a direct consequence of stay-at-home orders and related business shutdowns, U.S. retailers and food industry players have been battling to ensure that food supply chains remain robust in the light of unprecedented demand shifts impacting both traditional grocery retailers and foodservice, as well as emerging ecommerce channels. Physical distancing and associated lockdowns have dramatically altered how consumers spend on food. Consumers, forgoing public dine-in […]

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      LABJ 2020 Food and Beverage Industry Roundtable

      Originally published in the Los Angeles Business Journal. The food and beverage industry as a whole is unique in many ways — and here in Los Angeles, where we have some of the best dining and food-for-purchase options in the nation, there’s perhaps an even more finely tuned set of rules for success. Stir in this year’s uncharted obstacles (primarily the COVID-19 pandemic), an unpredictable economy and unique regulatory conditions and you’ve got a sector of Southern California business that […]

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        Food Products Flying Off Shelves During the COVID-19 Pandemic

        During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is noticeable that while some food items are properly stocked during store visits, some items are flying off the shelves and continually low in supply. Forgetting toilet paper, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies (which are always in short supply), there have been many food products – both branded and private label – that have done extremely well during this period. Seafood Consumption on the Rise Seafood, for example, has done extremely well during this […]

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          New $19 Billion Bailout for the Farming Industry

          In the CARES Act that was unveiled several weeks ago, there was a separate section that allotted close to $50 billion to the agricultural community. However, at the time of the issuance of the Act, there was relatively little information to how these funds were to be disbursed. That was until Friday, April 17, 2020. Agriculture Bailout On Friday afternoon, President Trump announced a $19 billion dollar bailout for farmers whose businesses were hurt financially by the coronavirus crisis. The […]

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            Expo West: the Super Bowl of the Food and Beverage Industry Cancelled but at What Cost?

            “Expo West is the Super Bowl of the natural food industry, and we have been preparing for it and investing in it since last summer,” said Jordann Windschauer, founder and chief executive officer of Base Culture, a Clearwater, Fla., baker of gluten-free foods. “Once all of the major retailers canceled, it no longer was a good place for us to spend more time or money. That, paired with the potential health risk, it just was no longer worth it for our lean team.” (Food Business News, “The Expo West […]

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              Paycheck Protection Program off to a Rocky Start?

              As we know, Friday, April 3, 2020 was the first day for small businesses to be able to apply for the Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP) with some big banks rocking and rolling and some others slow to get out of the blocks. Slow Start As of the morning of April 3, Bank of America was the only big bank to start accepting applications. In fact, the bank has reportedly already received nearly 60,000 PPP loan applications worth $6 billion since 9 a.m. ET Friday morning. That morning, the other of the […]

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                How Food Processors are Dealing with COVID-19

                Food processing companies are considered essential businesses by most state governments and are currently permitted to stay open and continue to operate. But how are they dealing with COVID-19? Companies now need to comply with more stringent requirements and change their existing operating policies for food safety and personnel safety measures. New operating strategies being adopted by most food companies include temperature screenings for employees and vendors and observed handwashing at the […]

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                  Paycheck Protection Program Off to a Rocky Start?

                  (Updated as of 4 p.m. on 4/3) Many restaurants and small to mid-sized food companies are eagerly awaiting the start of the funding of the $349-billion Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) that is part of the CARES Act. However, lenders and applicants have not been fully informed by the federal government with much of the information they need to apply. “The response is overwhelming – it is unlike anything I have ever seen in my career” said Craig Street, the chief lending officer of United […]

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                    The Impact of COVID-19 on Food and Beverage Companies

                    COVID-19 is causing major disruption in all of our lives and will likely get worse before it gets better. The crisis affects all industries. For the food and beverage industry, labor and supply chain disruptions offer many challenges. In particular, restaurants are in varying states of collapse. This industry is the country’s second largest private employer with 15.6 million workers. Many food and beverage companies may be expecting at least a 60 percent reduction in sales volume in March and […]

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                      The Rise of Ghost Kitchens

                      Highlighted in the recent New York Times article “The Rise of the Virtual Restaurant,” author Mike Issac and David Yaffe-Bellany discussed the rise of ghost kitchens and the current disruption that food delivery is causing in the food and, in particular, the restaurant industry. Food delivery apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash and Grubhub are reshaping the $863 billion American restaurant industry. As more people order food to eat at home – and as delivery becomes faster and more convenient – apps […]

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                        Listen up: Food and Beverage Podcasts that should not Be Missed

                        To stay up to day on the latest trends and innovations in the food and beverage industry, I tend to read daily or weekly publications or even attend industry related conferences. However, lately, like many of you, who enjoy storytelling with a side of expert insight, I recommend listening to the below podcasts. Listening to podcasts is a fun way to learn from industry leaders on the go. Freakonomics The widely popular Freakonomics, explores the hidden side of EVERYTHING. Yes, everything. […]

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                          I Confess: Thinking of Food. Even on Vacation.

                          As the leader of our firm’s food and beverage practice, I never take a day off from my passion for this industry. I recently returned from a two week vacation in Japan and had the opportunity to visit the famous Tsukiji fish market. A must see! Why? The Tsukiji fish market is the largest fish market in the world and accounts for 90 percent of all seafood that passes through Tokyo and a third of the seafood that passes through Japan. The seafood arrives daily from 60 different countries: crab […]

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                            Visiting Trends and Friends at the Winter Fancy Food Show

                            As we are getting ready to embark on the Natural Products Expo West Show – the largest natural and organic tradeshow in the world – in Anaheim on March 9, 2016, I still am thinking about the companies I visited and the trends I saw at the Winter Fancy Food Show held in San Francisco in January. The Winter Fancy Food Show had over 1,500 exhibitors and more than 1,000 new products and is the largest specialty food trade show on the West Coast. When we first started attending this trade show about […]

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                              Food and Beverage Experts Sound Off

                              As part of the Green Hasson Janks 2015 Food and Beverage Conference at the end of last year, a panel of industry experts discussed the role of women in the industry. I had the privilege of moderating a discussion with three top industry players: Ramona Cappello (founder of Sun Harvest Salt LLC), Ellen Chen (co-founder of Mendocino Farms) and Bill Shen (director of Encore Consumer Capital). The panel’s theme was “Leaders, innovators and consumers: How women are driving the food and beverage […]

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                                New Food and Beverage Trends from Insiders’ Perspectives

                                On a quarterly basis, Green Hasson Janks hosts a food and beverage executive roundtable dinner. At these dinners, we bring together 10 to 15 food and beverage executives to discuss topical industry issues and the impact on their businesses. This month’s topic revolved around the subject of food and beverage technology, including social media, sustainability, health and wellness, distribution channels and manufacturing equipment; how companies are using current technology to enhance their […]

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                                  Why blog? Why food?

                                  Edible insects. Fruit/vegetable hybrids. Ramen-mania. Butter is back. Sour is the new black. Food trends can be fascinating. For those of us who are in the business of food, it’s something we track for many reasons. What’s new? What’s ahead? What do our clients need to know to stay relevant and innovative? But the truth is, even if your occupation isn’t in the food and beverage industry, you are still likely interested in food as a human being who eats a few times a day. So, why blog? It’s now […]

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