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Smart people learn from their mistakes; rich people learn from smart people’s mistakes.


Farshad Yashar

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Favorite place in the world:


Favorite music/band/singer:

Classical music. Bach.

Favorite movie or book of all time:

Saving Private Ryan

One word that best describes me:


When I’m not working, you’ll catch me doing this:

Reading history of World War II.

    New Rules to Curb Corporate Inversions

    Over the past two years, a number of high profiled transactions involved U.S. domiciled multi-national companies acquiring a foreign-based company resulting in the U.S.-based acquirer changing its domicile to the country of the foreign company that it had acquired. This is broadly referred to as an "inversion" transaction, which is the latest scrimmage in the corporate tax wars. Inversions have been popular among the multi-national companies with significant cash outside of the United States. […]

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      House Ways and Means Committee Releases Tax Reform Proposal

      On Tuesday, February 26, 2014, House Ways and Means Committee chairman Dave Camp released his long-awaited draft legislation on tax reform. The draft is a 979 page report titled "Tax Reform Act of 2014." If enacted, the draft legislation would usher the single biggest overhaul of the tax code since 1986. The hallmarks of this draft legislation are to reduce the individual and corporate tax rates, reform the international tax rules and at the same time, simplify the overall system. It is very […]

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        Introducing myRA: New Government-Backed Retirement Accounts

        Popular employer sponsored retirement arrangements allow an employee to redirect up to $17,500 of annual earnings into these qualified plans. Additionally, employers have an option to make matching contributions using it to boost employee retention and moral. However, according to a Fact Sheet released this week by the Treasury Department, approximately half of all workers and 75% of part-time workers lack access to employer-sponsored retirement plans. As a result, the Administration recently […]

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          Credit Where No Credit Was Due

          The Treasury Department's inspector general for tax administration has estimated that the Internal Revenue Service issued between $11.6 billion and $13.6 billion in improper payments through its Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) program for the fiscal year ended 2012. The EITC is a welfare program that is supposed to help low income families or individuals through a refundable income tax credit. In a report which was issued this past February 25th, […]

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