Mari-Anne Kehler

Partner, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer

Do, or do not. There is no try.


Mari-Anne Kehler

Fun Facts

Favorite place in the world:

New York City

Favorite music/band/singer:

Bob Dylan, Springsteen, Chrissie Hynde

Favorite movie or book of all time:

The Big Lebowski, The Godfather, The Mission

One word that best describes me:


When I’m not working, you’ll catch me doing this:

Working with one of my favorite nonprofit organizations.

    Innovation’s Secret Weapon: A Diverse Workplace

    When a business has more women in leadership positions, or significant numbers of diverse decision makers, it will generate more profits and out perform competitors. Research backs this up: McKinsey found that diverse companies studied were 35% more likely to have financial results above industry average. Those business improvements include surges in innovation, which tend to indicate a company’s ability to thrive. Simply said, innovation is a multiplier of growth. And the secret weapon to […]

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      That’s How We Roll - #BeMore for #Balance

      “Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.” - Rumi Balance is hard for anyone pursuing a life worth living. Juggling professional and personal demands and dreams is perhaps the toughest life lesson. Especially today: the world has gotten faster and more demanding. Technology is both an enabler and a task master that elevates expectations for speed and multiplies distractions. International Women’s Day is a good time to reflect on how we can increase balance in life. Would it surprise […]

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        Social Media and Blogging for Food and Beverage Companies

        Excerpt from the Green Hasson Janks Food and Beverage Whitepaper, Food Innovation: The Push and the Pull of Consumer Demand.Green Hasson Janks Marketing Manager Sarah Phelan recently sat down with Mari-Anne Kehler, Green Hasson Janks Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, to discuss social media and blogging in the food and beverage industry. Sarah Phelan: Why should food and beverage companies have a social media presence and strategy? Mari-Anne Kehler: It really is not an option to not have […]

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          Creating the “Right” Vision

          Originally published on Berbay Marketing and PR Every legal professional knows the importance of branding, yet few firms do it successfully. Determining your brand and internal culture is no easy task, but it is essential if you want your firm to thrive. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST. Mari-Anne Kehler, chief marketing and strategy officer at the Los Angeles accounting and consulting firm Green Hasson Janks, has spent her career guiding professional service firms in refining their […]

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            Innovation Without Inclusion is Risky at Best

            This was originally published in the Los Angeles Business Journal on July 30, 2018. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple said that,“Inclusion of diversity inspires innovation. The best companies in the land will be the most diverse.” Apple has long been the standard bearer for innovation. It is rare for the topic of innovation to occur without mention of Apple’s history of disruption in the technology sector, and essentially reinventing categories of technology we never knew we needed. But Apple has […]

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              My Autistic Son is a Leader. And He’s Taught Me A Few Things.

              Each leader brings personal experiences into the workplace and uses the tools of life to solve problems and further one’s career. We cannot avoid it; we cannot turn off one part of our lives if we are to live authentically. As multi-dimensional humans, we draw from what we know and ideally select the best of our journey to inform how we operate with integrity and expertise. One of the experiences that has had the most profound impact of my life has been raising a son with autism who will need […]

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                Gender Parity: Making the Business Case for Diversity in the Workplace

                Change management is one of the toughest jobs a leader will encounter. To implement successful and sustainable change requires having a plan, effectively engaging your audience and measuring impact. But before any of that occurs, you need a business case. A business needs to answer questions, like: Why are we embarking on this initiative? What is the ROI? And what is in it for me? These are often tough questions to answer. The journey to gender parity is no different. If we are to reach […]

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                  Your Client Experience Matters Now More Than Ever

                  Your Client Experience Matters Now More Than Ever: Top 5 reasons 2018 can be a break-out year for B2B CMOs Of course clients matter. That is why we’re in business: to serve our clients’ needs. At Green Hasson Janks we strive to help our clients #BeMore every day. It is through understanding our clients’ needs that we are able to achieve this. But never before have we been able to understand those needs and gauge how we’re doing in fulfilling them more than now. The role of the CMO is central […]

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                    You have options to #BeMore. Do you Know What they are? An Inside Look at Growth and Value Strategies

                    A passion for clients. An innate curiosity. David Horwich has both of these qualities and, combined, they allow him to have a dogged interest in helping clients solve challenges. David’s special skill is analyzing ways to optimize business performance and increase shareholder value. He does that in a very particular way: he offers nearly 30 years of investment banking and consulting perspective, which enables him to strategically work as a business advocate for his clients. By providing […]

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                      5 Secret Weapons: How Nonprofits Can #BeMore

                      At Green Hasson Janks, we believe every day is a chance to #BeMore. Not do more. Not work more. Instead, we encourage one another to be the best we can be for one another – and our clients. In this era where technology has made life move faster than ever, we all need efficiency more than ever. What if I told you there are five ways to achieve more by doing less? We are all inundated with life’s many demands, and in the nonprofit world, it sometimes requires even more creativity to get powerful […]

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                        #BeMore and The Myth of Having It All

                        Co-authors: Brianne Cannon, Lauren Haverlock, Mari-Anne Kehler and Anita Wu At Green Hasson Janks, we believe every day is a chance to #BeMore. Not do more. Not work more. Instead, we encourage one another to be the best we can be and enjoy life to the fullest. With our commitment to anytime/anywhere work, our support of flexible work environments and our passion for health and wellness, our Firm wants people who live their best lives. March is Women’s History Month and the perfect time to […]

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                          GHJ’s #GivingBack Focus Allows Me To #BeMore

                          Liam is 21 and has two weekly volunteer jobs: helping care for to-be-adopted cats and making/delivering lunch to Meals on Wheels clients. It is not so unusual, I guess, for a man to be so passionate about giving back to his community. Except this one thing about Liam: he was diagnosed with severe autism before age 2. He also happens to be my son. When Liam was diagnosed, autism was not as prevalent or understood as it is today. We were advised he would never work (he does, as a barista) and he […]

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                            Know your elevator pitch: the first Power Success Strategy — define yourself (then tell everyone)

                            And By: Andrew Bird (Marketing and Communications Consultant) (Excerpt from their book, Putting the Profit in Nonprofit! 5 Power Success Strategies for Nonprofits) Donors can’t give you money if they don’t understand who you are and who you help. They also can’t give you money if YOU can’t effectively explain who you are and who you help! Why does your organization exist? Whom do you serve? In big business, we call this a mission. No matter what you call it, can every volunteer, staff member […]

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